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Simon Cleary

Posted 27.02.20

Supply Chain Analysis for Strathy North Wind Farm

In 2019, BiGGAR Economics was commissioned by SSE Renewables to undertake a socio-economic impact assessment of Strathy North...

1 minute read

Posted 24.07.19

Economic Impacts of BOWL

In 2019, BiGGAR Economics was commissioned by Beatrice Offshore Windfarm Ltd to study the economic impacts of the...

1 minute read

Posted 08.07.19

University of Suffolk supports the local economy

The University of Suffolk have published a study by BiGGAR Economics that considered its role in the local...

1 minute read

Posted 06.03.19

Strategic economic case for agri-food University in Scotland

In 2018, Scotland Rural College (SRUC) commissioned us to undertake a study on the economic case for creating...

2 minute read

Posted 09.01.19

Seagreen wind farm EIA

Seagreen Offshore Wind Farm is a proposed renewable energy development in the North Sea that is currently in...

1 minute read

Posted 07.09.18

University of St Andrews contributes to local economy

The University of St Andrews contributes over £473 million per year to the Scottish economy and supports 6990...

1 minute read

Posted 08.08.18

Edinburgh city region deal is signed

A £ investment to unlock economic prosperity was agreed yesterday (Tuesday 7th August) for Edinburgh and the South-East...

1 minute read

Posted 14.06.18

Live active leisure contributes millions to local economy

In early 2018, we undertook an economic impact study for Live Active Leisure, the main provider of leisure...

1 minute read

Posted 10.05.18

Stirling economy presentation

On Thursday, 10th May I had the pleasure of presenting a summary of the economy at STEP Stirling...

1 minute read