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Posted 19.02.21

Economic Impact of Interface

BiGGAR Economics was commissioned by Interface to estimate the economic and social impact of its work brokering connections...

1 minute read

Posted 23.09.20

The economic contribution of the Scottish Aquaculture Sector

The aquaculture sector in Scotland is an important provider of employment in Rural Scotland and represents the UK’s...

1 minute read

Posted 18.08.20

Universities in Advanced Economies

Last year we were commissioned by Universities Scotland to analyse the role of universities in advanced economies, in...

1 minute read

Posted 06.03.19

Strategic economic case for agri-food University in Scotland

In 2018, Scotland Rural College (SRUC) commissioned us to undertake a study on the economic case for creating...

2 minute read

Posted 12.03.18

Universities in Solent contribute £4.2 billion GVA to UK economy

There are three universities within the SOLENT LEP area, namely: The University of Southampton; The University of Portsmouth;...

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Posted 01.12.17

LERU generates €100bn for the European economy

BiGGAR Economics has just published a study on the economic contribution of the League of European Research Universities...

2 minute read

Posted 26.09.17

Interface generates £64m GVA

Business-academic projects supported by Interface have enabled Scottish companies to generate £ million gross value added (GVA) a...

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Posted 13.06.17

Finnish universities sector economic impact study

BiGGAR Economics was commissioned by UNIFI to undertake a study that considered the economic impact of the universities sector...

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Posted 12.06.17

Portsmouth University generates £1.1bn for UK

The University of Portsmouth is worth £ billion to the British economy and brings £476 million to the...

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