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Wellbeing Economy

Posted 13.12.23

Health and Wellbeing Benefits Generated by the Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland

The Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland (the ALLIANCE) is a valued and trusted bridge between the public...

1 minute read

Posted 03.11.23

Wellbeing across the UK

Much has been said and written about moving towards an economy that prioritises human wellbeing and looks beyond...

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Posted 09.02.23

Rural Estates Drive Wellbeing

Scotland’s 1,125 rural estates cover about million hectares, or around 57% of Scotland’s rural land. Those within the...

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Posted 16.01.23

Large wellbeing impacts evidenced for the Falkirk Food Futures Programme

Earlier this year, BiGGAR Economics was asked by Forth Environment Link (FEL) to evaluate the Falkirk Food Futures...

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Posted 24.11.22

How can a wind farm contribute to the well-being economy?

BiGGAR Economics is working with Bute Energy to consider the social and economic impacts associated with its proposed...

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Posted 24.10.22

Supporting The Shipowners Club to Measure Impact

In 2021, BiGGAR Economics worked with The Shipowners Club to help its journey toward a more sustainable future....

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Posted 20.09.22

Job Quality and Wellbeing

Job satisfaction improves wellbeing – but what factors determine job quality and can they be quantified? These were...

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Posted 05.09.22

An economy that serves people and planet – a wellbeing economy

Christopher Boyce joins BiGGAR Economics I’ve long been passionate about wellbeing and I’m excited to join BiGGAR Economics...

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Posted 10.03.22

20 Years of BiGGAR Economics

This month marks the 20th anniversary of BiGGAR Economics and so is a good time to reflect on...

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