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Our latest news

Posted 17.06.24

MachairWind: Opportunities and Impacts

MachairWind is an offshore windfarm being developed by Scottish Power Renewables (SPR). It will be located off the...

1 minute read

Posted 09.05.24

Economic Futures

Economic Futures is a placement programme that provides opportunities for undergraduate economics students, graduates and early career academics...

1 minute read

Posted 03.05.24

University of Suffolk Drives Economic Growth Across Ipswich and Beyond

In 2021/22, the University of Suffolk generated a total economic impact worth £862 million GVA across the UK,...

1 minute read

Posted 01.05.24

Socio-economic impact assessment for Green Volt OWF

Green Volt Offshore Wind farm is the first commercial-sized floating offshore wind farm in Scotland to secure both...

1 minute read

Posted 26.04.24

What does maximising net economic impact mean for planning?

On the 2nd April, the Bunloinn Wind Farm was granted consent by Scottish Ministers. This is an Energiekontor...

1 minute read

Posted 18.03.24

Networking Event with EDAS Future Leaders – Energy Transition

BiGGAR Economics is excited to host its first event in partnership with the EDAS Future Leaders Network. EDAS...

1 minute read

Posted 06.03.24

Maximising the local economic benefits of onshore wind

On 6th March Shona Glenn spoke at the Planning the Energy Transition Seminar. In this blog, she outlines...

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Posted 26.02.24

Celtic Sea Blueprint

The development of GW of floating offshore wind in the Celtic Sea represents a significant economic opportunity for...

1 minute read

Posted 19.02.24

Housing for a Wellbeing Economy

Much of BiGGAR Economics work involves assessing the impact of economic activity, including how it can benefit wider...

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