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Our latest news

Posted 15.06.22

The Economic Impact of the Roslin Institute

The Roslin Institute is a world-leading centre for animal science research and has been creating a more sustainable...

1 minute read

Posted 09.06.22

New licensing system for short term lets could cost the Scottish economy £133m

A new BiGGAR Economics analysis undertaken for Airbnb has highlighted the potential adverse economic impacts that could result...

1 minute read

Posted 07.06.22

Every Little Counts: Why Scotland’s Vacant and Derelict Land Investment Programme Adds Up

The Scottish Government launched the Vacant and Derelict Land Investment Programme (VDLIP) in 2019, providing £50 million to...

1 minute read

Posted 18.05.22

Economic Impact of Keadby and Peterhead Carbon Capture Power Stations

BiGGAR Economics was commissioned by SSE Thermal to undertake economic impact assessments of its proposed carbon capture plants...

1 minute read

Posted 28.04.22

How do the ScotWind bids compare?

Offshore Wind Developers were required to submit a Supply Chain Development Statement (SCDS) as part of the ScotWind...

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Posted 25.03.22

Whisky’s first community benefit fund at ili

The proposed ili Distillery will benefit from the natural capital and international reputation of Islay. To honour that...

1 minute read

Posted 16.03.22

Lessons on Business Case Development

How do we ensure the project receives public funding? How can we make a success of its delivery?...

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Posted 10.03.22

20 Years of BiGGAR Economics

This month marks the 20th anniversary of BiGGAR Economics and so is a good time to reflect on...

2 minute read

Posted 22.02.22

GCU contributes over £1.7 billion globally

BiGGAR Economics was commissioned by Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) to carry out an analysis of its economic and...

1 minute read