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Our latest news

Posted 01.11.17

New research finds no link between wind farms and tourism jobs

A new research report from BiGGAR Economics has found no link between wind farm development and trends in...

2 minute read

Posted 26.09.17

Interface generates £64m GVA

Business-academic projects supported by Interface have enabled Scottish companies to generate £ million gross value added (GVA) a...

1 minute read

Posted 13.06.17

Finnish universities sector economic impact study

BiGGAR Economics was commissioned by UNIFI to undertake a study that considered the economic impact of the universities sector...

1 minute read

Posted 12.06.17

Portsmouth University generates £1.1bn for UK

The University of Portsmouth is worth £ billion to the British economy and brings £476 million to the...

1 minute read

Posted 08.06.17

Uni of Oxford contributes £5.8 billion to the UK economy

The first-ever study of Oxford’s economic impact shows that the University’s innovative and entrepreneurial approach supports more than...

1 minute read

Posted 12.05.17

Advertising supports £8.8bn GVA in Scotland

BiGGAR Economics was commissioned by the Advertising Association to look at the role advertising played in the Scottish...

1 minute read

Posted 27.03.17

Converge Challenge generates £22m GVA for Scottish economy

Converge Challenge is an entrepreneurial development programme and company creation competition for staff, students and recent graduates from...

2 minute read

Posted 15.12.16

James Hutton supports 2,100 jobs

An analysis commissioned by the James Hutton Institute has calculated that the Institute delivers £ of economic benefit...

1 minute read

Posted 02.11.16

Durham Uni contributes £1.1 billion to UK economy

Our  latest major study for Durham University found that it is worth £ billion GVA to the UK...

1 minute read