Higher Education

There have been significant changes in the higher education sector in the UK in recent years as a result of expansion in participation in higher education, the globalisation of the sector, changes to the funding regime and increasing expectations from policy makers on the role of universities. Higher education institutions are one of the key drivers of the knowledge economy.

  • economic impact assessments of universities including the University of Edinburgh, Heriot Watt University, University of St Andrews, De Montfort University, the University of the Highlands & Islands, University of Aberdeen, Robert Gordon University, Universiteit Leiden, Leids Universitair Medisch Centrum, Glasgow Caledonian University, Open University;
  • strategic review and options appraisal for Aberystwyth University and three colleges based in the mid and North Wales, identifying growth opportunities and the options for collaboration in pursuing those opportunities;
  • economic impact assessment of the University of Edinburgh’s new FloWave combined wave and current test tank, designed to support the development of the marine renewable energy sector;
  • evaluation of the Changing Age for Business project, an initiative designed to help businesses take advantage of the opportunities presented by the ageing population by encouraging engagement with Newcastle University’s internationally excellent programme of ageing research;
  • providing the evidence base on which a case can be made to the Scottish Government on the contribution of part-time higher education provision to the Scottish economy;
  • evaluation of the ScotCHEM research pooling exercise, an initiative designed to increase the competitiveness of Scottish chemistry research, on behalf of the Scottish Funding Council;
  • economic impact appraisal of the proposed Edinburgh Centre on Climate Change (ECCC);
  • multi criteria appraisals of a range of proposed investments by University College Dublin including the Global Ireland Institute, a new data centre, the Sutherland School for Law and the Charles Institute for Dermatology;
  • economic appraisal and business plan for University Campus Suffolk, a new university campus developed by a collaboration between the University of East Anglia and the University of Essex;
  • advice to the University of Ulster in support of several research infrastructure bids submitted for Science Research Infrastructure Funding (SRIF);
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