Economic Appraisal & Economic Impact Assessments

Where the public sector funds interventions in the economy, it must determine the potential impact of these initiatives on the local and regional economies, and ultimately assess whether the expenditure represents best value and provides employment, Gross Value Added (GVA) and wider impacts, including environmental impacts. Assessing economic impact allows judgements to be made on the level of risk in proceeding with a project, whether there are better ways to achieve an objective and whether resources could be used more effectively elsewhere. BiGGAR Economics has worked with a range of public and private sector clients in the assessment of economic impacts of projects, proposed investments and organisations.

  • economic impact assessment of the University of Edinburgh’s new FloWave combined wave and current test tank, designed to support the development of the marine renewable energy sector;
  • multi criteria appraisals of a range of proposed investments by University College Dublin including the Global Ireland Institute, a new data centre, the Sutherland School for Law and the Charles Institute for Dermatology;
  • economic appraisal of Orbis, the offshore renewable centre of excellence in Lowestoft;
  • economic impact assessment of the legal services market in Scotland, on behalf of the Law Society of Scotland, taking account of market and regulatory drivers of change;
  • economic appraisal of the Clyde Waterfront Regeneration Initiative, a major regeneration project to regenerate the waterfront from Glasgow city centre to the west;
  • economic impact studies and appraisals of the supply chain opportunities associated with the development of a range of wind farms across the UK;
  • economic impact assessments of universities including the University of Edinburgh, Heriot Watt University, University of St Andrews, De Montfort University, the University of the Highlands & Islands, University of Aberdeen, Robert Gordon University, Universiteit Leiden, Leids Universitair Medisch Centrum, Glasgow Caledonian University, Open University;
  • economic impact assessment of Edinburgh Castle for Historic Scotland;Economic Appraisal images

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