Strategic & Policy Development

BiGGAR Economics has worked with a range of national and local public agencies supporting the development of strategies and policies.
Our work in this area includes:

  • facilitation of the strategy development process (for example, by working with an organisation’s senior management team);
  • economic and market analysis to provide an evidence base on which strategies and policies can be developed;
  • reviewing the strategic context for proposed programmes and projects.
  • development of evidence-based policy papers.
  • development of a National Outcomes Agreement for the Scottish higher education sector on behalf of Universities Scotland;
  • research on the forest and timber technologies sector on behalf of Scottish Enterprise. This study was based on a survey of 140 businesses, consultations with more than 40 industry representatives and workshops with senior industry figures and involved developing a baseline of the sector and recommending interventions that Scottish Enterprise might undertake to support its future growth;
  • economic impact assessment of Scottish Government proposals to introduce a tax on single use plastic bags;
  • economic impact study of the Draft Land Registration (Scotland) Bill, new legislation proposed by the Scottish Law Commission to strengthen the land registration system in Scotland;
  • integrated economic strategy for South Dublin County, on behalf of South Dublin Chamber of Commerce, South Dublin County Council and South Dublin County Enterprise Board;
  • analysis and modelling of the future potential of the Scottish Life Sciences sector to inform the development of Scottish Enterprise’s strategy for this key sector;
  • development of the Midlothian Economic Development Framework, a monitoring and evaluation plan to continuously assess progress and a series of key sector action plans;
  • research and policy papers for the think tank Reform Scotland on a model for the devolution of fiscal powers to the Scottish Parliament, including the DevoPlus proposals;Strategy & Policy Development

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