University of Suffolk Drives Economic Growth Across Ipswich and Beyond

BiGGAR Economics was commissioned to assess the economic impact generated by the University of Suffolk for the academic year 2021/22. This study presented an update to a previous assessment of the University’s impact during the year 2017/18.

Quantifiable Impact

The main findings of the quantitative analysis were that the University of Suffolk supports:

  • £237 million GVA and 1,660 jobs in Ipswich;
  • £332 million GVA and 2,740 jobs in Suffolk;
  • £484 million GVA and 3,70 jobs in the East of England; and
  • £862 million GVA and 13,570 jobs across the UK.

Compared to the previous assessment in 2017/18, this represents a growth of £500 million GVA and 1,470 jobs generated by the university across the UK. This growth has been driven by a significant increase in the number of students enrolled at the University of Suffolk as part of an expansion of the partnerships the university has with other higher education providers across the UK.

Wider Impacts

The economic impacts generated by the University of Suffolk go beyond that which can be quantified. The University is an anchor institution in the region and plays a key role in the redevelopment of Ipswich. This includes:

  • attracting and retaining local talent;
  • driving redevelopment on the Waterfront; and
  • working with young people to engage them in higher education.

Across Suffolk, the University works closely with partners and drives the development of both traditional and emerging sectors, supporting the development of the UK’s sectoral strengths.

The University of Suffolk is a major driver of local economic development in Ipswich and Suffolk, supporting local young people to engage with higher education.

Potential Future Impact

As part of the assessment, BiGGAR Economics also assessed what the future impact generated by the University of Suffolk could be. Growth in economic activity would be stimulated by growth in on campus student numbers, knowledge transfer partnerships and collaborative partnership income. If each of the key quantitative drivers of impact were achieved, it was estimated that the University of Suffolk could generate an economic impact worth £1.4 billion GVA and support 21,020 jobs across the UK.

More Information

A summary of our economic impact study for the University of Suffolk is linked below:

Posted 03.05.24