Sustainable Growth Commission proposals adopted by Scotland’s party of government

Scotland’s party of government in the Scottish Parliament, the Scottish National Party, has debated and adopted the recommendations of the Sustainable Growth Commission, at its conference on 27th April 2019.

BiGGAR Economics provided research, analytical and logistical support to the Sustainable Growth Commission, set up by the First Minister to advise on how to improve the performance of the Scottish economy.  An extensive work programme was undertaken over a year and a half from late 2017 until mid 2018, which included a detailed analysis of the performance and potential of the Scottish economy and a comparative analysis with a group of 12 comparator successful advanced economies.

The Sustainable Growth Commission’s report has three sections.  The political and media debate has focused on the currency options that Scotland would have as an independent country (Part C of the report) and also on Scotland’s fiscal position (Part B).

However, the section on Scotland’s economic performance and potential (Part A), has 30 of the report’s 50 recommendations, covering the strategic and institution framework to raise the performance of the Scottish economy and a series of policy recommendations around the growth generating themes of population, participation and productivity.  This will provide a framework for efforts to boost economic performance, now and, in the event that Scotland decides to opt for independence.

Posted 30.04.19