Advertising supports £8.8bn GVA in Scotland

BiGGAR Economics was commissioned by the Advertising Association to look at the role advertising played in the Scottish economy.

In 2015, companies spent £1.7 billion on advertising in Scotland. Individually, ads each have their own purpose, whether building brands, raising awareness, changing behaviour, creating loyalty or boosting sales. But in aggregate, advertising makes choice more visible, creates competition and stimulates innovation and investment right across the economy. So much so, that for every £1 spent on advertising in Scotland, £5 is returned to GDP – an £8.8 billion contribution in total.

The study also found that 42,000 jobs in Scotland are supported by advertising, with more than half of those directly involved in the commissioning and creation of advertisements. A further 7,000 jobs in Scotland’s creative industries are supported by advertising revenues.

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The full report can be downloaded here.

Posted 12.05.17