Supply Chain Analysis for Strathy North Wind Farm

In 2019, BiGGAR Economics was commissioned by SSE Renewables to undertake a socio-economic impact assessment of Strathy North Wind Farm.

This assessment found that the development, construction and operation of Strathy North Wind Farm has generated substantial local and national economic impacts. It found that Strathy North secured a greater share of its supply chain locally, compared to the average for wind farms across the UK.

In particular, 32% of the total expenditure (TOTEX) will be secured by organisations within Highland. Across the UK, the average wind farm will procure 27% of their supply chain from the local authority in which it is based. As a result of the more localised supply chain, organisations in Highland will secure contracts worth £11 million more than would be expected.

This expenditure will generate Gross Value Added and support employment. During the development and construction phase it was estimated that Strathy North Wind Farm generated:

  • • £1.4 million GVA and supported 19 years of employment in Caithness and North Sutherland;
  • • £12.9 million GVA and supported 193 years of employment in Highland;
  • • £46.8 million GVA and supported 700 years of employment in Scotland; and
  • • £72.1 million GVA and supported 1,218 years of employment in the UK.

The full report is available to download from the SSE website:

Posted 27.02.20