The economic role of Perth Harbour

Business activities at Perth Harbour are helping to contribute £5.5m to the Scottish economy as well as a total of 74 jobs nationally, according to an in-depth economic study.

In 2020, BiGGAR Economics was commissioned by David MacBrayne Ltd (DML) to estimate the economic impact associated with Perth Harbour.

The year 2020/21, represents the mid-point in DML’s contract. Directly through its own operations and indirectly through its business users, the Harbour is estimated to support £3.9 million Gross Value Added (GVA) and 54 jobs throughout Perth and Kinross at present. Across Scotland this impact grows to £5.5 million GVA and 74 jobs. This is based on 24 shipments carrying 33 thousand tonnes of cargo, a 25% increase in both shipments and cargo since 2017/18. Over that time, the economic impact this supports in Perth and Kinross has increased by 10%.

More details on the report can be accessed via the links below:

Posted 27.05.21