University of Suffolk supports the local economy

The University of Suffolk have published a study by BiGGAR Economics that considered its role in the local and national economies.

It comes as the University approaches its third anniversary and shows that in the academic year 2017/18; the University generated £103 million Gross Value Added (GVA) and supported 2,270 jobs across the UK. Of this £41 million GVA and 820 jobs were in Ipswich, £56 million GVA and 1,210 jobs were in Suffolk.

The full impact of the University extends beyond its quantifiable economic contributions. It has stimulated a wider educational, social, economic and cultural transformation, which has had a significant impact on the local economy and the local population. For example, it is noted in the report that the University is credited for being a catalyst for change in the regeneration of the Ipswich Waterfront; for supporting the delivery of key frontline public services in health and education and for establishing an educational institution that is embedded within the local business community and responsive to its needs.

The full report and executive summaries can be accessed below:

Posted 08.07.19